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Tuesday 22 December 2020

My Christmas wish

Undoubtedly, this has been the toughest year many of us have experienced. Suffering, fear, anxiety, sickness, and death have been more present in our lives than ever before. We realised we are not as powerful and infallible as we thought, that we are vulnerable beings. I have felt much sadness for all those who have suffered so much, those who have lost loved ones, who have become sick and have been unable to recover, for those who have lost their livelihood and their ability to fend for themselves and look after their families, for those who have been besieged by so much anxiety and fear for the future.

I am one of those hopelessly hopeful people and I always try to find something positive in the darkness. This year, with all the pain it caused, has shown us that human suffering is not exclusively for those who are poor and disenfranchised, that all of us are susceptible to uncertainty, to life becoming unsustainable, to sickness and death. Sad and difficult as this is as a personal experience, it may be the path for our collective growth as compassionate beings. Compassion, collaboration, community are three things that come to mind as greatly lacking in our world. Without these qualities, we will continue to see innocent people killed in pointless wars, drowning in the sea trying to reach a safe ground where they can live and thrive, and experiencing all sorts of unspeakable things. During lockdowns in my city, I witnessed how these three qualities started to flourish, the difficulties bringing out the best of our humanity and urging some of us to help those in greater need than ourselves. This is beautiful and it fills me with hope for the future.

The medicine I practice and cherish is an ancient medicine based on Millenia of documented knowledge, constantly modernised and adapted to changing times and new illnesses. However, it is a medicine originated in the Heart, in compassion, understanding, communication, and connection to one another and to nature. This is the heart of health and healing and modern science has been able to show that compassion, communication, and connection are all key elements to enhance and preserve human health. We cannot heal the body without engaging the Heart.

My heart-felt wish is that our difficult experiences will join us and help us move forward together into a future of greater creativity, health and love; where there is no place for so much hatred and destruction.


Wishing you all a peaceful and warm Christmas and a healthy and love-filled 2021, with gratitude for your ongoing support and trust.

Much love,